Shopping for Auto Insurance

Shopping for Auto Insurance

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I am no fool.  I have a television.  There are a ton of commercials on TV about how to save on your auto insurance.  Here is a little secret….if you are a crappy/unlucky driver or inexperienced driver, you are going to pay more.  If you are a good driver, you are going to pay less.

Think back 6 years.  Have you had any moving violations, accidents (even if they were not your fault), or other things???  Are you a good driver and just was unlucky?

Typically, when everyone is putting all the cards on the table, most companies best rates are going to be within 2-5% of each other.  What does that mean for you?  Next time you see a commercial with the waitress or the lizard, see how many times they reference a discount, or a savings.  If you don’t know what discounts to ask for, you may not get them, and your rates could me much higher.

Do you know what you are buying?  You might be able to save 15%, but you also reduced your coverage by 50% or more.  You are not going to have a claim, right??  Let’s hope not, but it you do, you are screwed and you could end up paying out hundreds or thousands.  Well worth the $50 you saved right?  Who do you call if some thing goes wrong?  Will you be transferred to a call center half way around the world?

With all the competition out there, you need to have someone on your side.  Someone who knows the ins and outs of the policy, the pricing, and most importantly, the claims.  You are buying insurance for your protection, protecting your car, and your liability.  You don’t want to find out that you are not covered or have a big deductible when the time comes.  You need someone on your side who can work with you, give you options, and in most cases, can probably give you a better price than a cartoon or talking head on the internet.

The bottom line is that you need someone on your side.  Someone who you can trust, and that is involved with your community, and someone who is going to be around for a while.  When shopping around for insurance, you need to shop on VALUE rather than price.  Sometimes you get what you pay for, and cheap insurance leads to cheap claims.  Again, value, value, value.

You don’t go to McDonald’s and expect a steakhouse meal.    Why would you expect it to be different with insurance?  You want your insurance coverage to be the steakhouse meal.  If you want to buy your insurance on-line or from a national 1-800 #, just make sure you figure out what toy you get with your happy meal.

So let’s be clear, my name is Mike Marshall.  I am an insurance agent and would like to be your insurance agent.  If you want minimal coverage and rock bottom prices, I might not be your best fit.  But if you want to have good coverage at competitive prices and get unmatched service, I am your guy.