Happy days are here

Happy days are here

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The Fall could be the best season of the year.  The kids finally go back to school, the leaves are changing colors, football season is here and this is the best time to think about insurance.  Wait, what?

You heard me right.  The fall is the best time to think about insurance.  Think of it as your planning months.  The summer is all about you and getting away on vacation and the spring and winter are seasons where you hope you have the right insurance.

Now that fall is here, I am happy to say that some people are taking advantage of reviewing their policies.  Things change over time, and the policy you took out 2 years ago, may be insufficient.  This is the time to think about VALUE and COVERAGE.

Sundays are now spent raking leaves and watching football.  This is such a great time of year.  All great teams have value at each position.  Backups are talented players and should be able to fill in if the starter goes down.  Ten years ago, the New England Patriots had their star go down, and the most famous “insurance” or back up player took the field.  Tom Brady turned into a star and could be the best QB of all time, but he was Drew Bledsoe’s insurance policy.  Just think if the Patriots “cheaped out” and stayed with Michael Bishop.  History would be a bit different.

Fall is also the time for romance and wedding bliss.  Ten years ago, I married my lovely bride and  I am happy to say that on Saturday, my sister in law will be getting married.  I am very happy for them to start their lives together.  But, as an insurance agent, I am thinking about all the little things that usually get overlooked.  Are their ring appraisals up to date and on their policy, is it time to think about life insurance, how else can we protect them when it comes to this wedding and for their future?

So, as you can see, the fall is all about weddings, insurance and football.  That is how I am going to spend my weekend, and I am actually looking forward to it.

If you know of anyone who would like to discuss their insurance policies or you know someone needs to get a policy, have them give me a call.

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